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Themelobackpedal.com is a blog dedicated to basketball on all levels. Although articles and posts will generally focus on the NBA, several pieces will discuss collegiate and high school level basketball.

Look for articles focusing on the NBA Draft and college recruiting, which have been compiled from research and outside sources, to be updated frequently.

Here’s a little info about the contributors:

Andrew is a student at Syracuse University, where he’s studying English and Journalism, and is a writer and editor for The Daily Orange.

He follows high school, college and professional basketball very closely, and does most of his writing on events such as the NBA Draft, college recruiting and the NCAA tournament.

He considers himself a Big East homer with an East-Coast-Bias mentality. Being a Syracuse student from the Washington D.C. area, with a brother who graduated from Notre Dame and another who lives in NYC, it’s easy to understand why.

Christiantj lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wonderful wife and two genius kids. He’s a life long Utah Jazz fan, but would love to add the Knicks to his rolodex. If only they would rid themselves of 80% of their roster, fire the coach/GM and replace the owner with a sane person. [Editors note: they have fired the GM/coach and replaced him with two quality professionals, so perhaps their on their way …]

Some things he loves about basketball: the pick and roll, Larry Bird, UConn beating Duke in 1999, fights, The Big Ticket, The Answer, Pack City, Stockton’s cheap shots, the Garbage Men, Sir Charles, hard picks, playing 2 on 2 with my bro’s, Iverson crossing up Jordan, Walton, Fear the Turtle, Jerry Sloan…..and did I mention fights?

Some things he dislikes about basketball: The Lakers, Isiah Thomas, the Lakers, big fat stiffs (Big Country), Billy Packer, Starbury, the Bulls dominance in the ’90s, Pippen as one of the 50 Greatest, Sir Charles, whining to the refs, Duke and UNC, John Hollinger’s arrogance, Walton, Stern post- Palace brawl, MJ’s comeback with the Wizards and Nash winning back to back MVP’s.

Colatina knows just enough about basketball to make wise, smart alecky comments about the NBA. His name has about as little to do with basketball as it possibly can.

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